Blitz 3.1

Welcome back! There's a great deal of change happening at Blitz. We have made some dramatic shifts in our production process and overall Blitz Belts experience. Our popular Blitz Belt weight belt designs are now manufactured in Greenville, SC at our local facility. This gives us a tighter control over quality and the opportunity to begin looking into custom ordering - in the near future. Follow us to stay updated!  

Blitz Belts - Special Editions

For those of you who've Lifted with us in the past will notice one HUGE difference - our Blitz Belt Special Editions. With each new design we release, we will co-release a very limited run of 5-15 Special Edition designs. Although we may repeat a popular design, we will only release the Special Editions once, so be sure to get yours while you can. 


Freudian Slip

Coming Soon

FS Side.jpg
CORE Side.jpg
Desert Resolution 1.jpg
Pinkish Panther INSTA.jpg
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